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The Wizard of Nod

Thank you for the feedback on the Sword of Goliath. I have been receiving much interest on the next installment of the Bloodline Chronicles. I can say, the Wizard of Nod is coming along well. I am about ¼ into the book (21,100 words) and the plot has me excited.

It is such a pleasure to take Jake and Stephen into the next evolution of the tale. I rarely storyline the scenes so I find I am as surprised as the reader sometimes to see where it goes. I am a sucker for suspense and conflict so expect the journey to be filled with challenges. In addition, I am nostalgic and can’t help bringing back Teresa and Abigail.

Some great new faces will also appear in Book II as well as a very special Villain. Like most who have written me, I really can’t wait to see what happens next. I expect you will be able to have a printed version of The Sword of Goliath soon as I am currently in negotiations with a publisher.

That said, even if I decide to pass on the offer, I have been considering publishing a printable version through Amazon. Have a great Labor Day Weekend ~ Anthony Jones

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