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Hidden Mysteries ~ Fun Facts

It is not uncommon for authors to hide mysteries within their novel. The Sword of Goliath is no exception. I have offered to those who provide an Amazon rating, to reveal a special secret hidden within the plot known only to the author and a select few. The next installment of the Bloodline Chronicles is expected to be completed by November 30th. The Wizard of Nod is proving to be as exciting to write as The Sword of Goliath. Much of the back story of the Shaddai is explained as well as the power of the twelve enchanted instruments. Based on interest and as I am led, I foresee a total of seven books in this series. My good friend David Lewis, continues to assist me in moving the plot forward with some very interesting twists and turns along the way. I hope you will enjoy the story of the Shaddia Paladin battling the evil Grigori to the final conflict as much as I enjoy telling it.

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