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The Wizard of Nod Prelude

The immortal succubus lived beneath the water that flowed into the fountain of youth and fed the tree of life in the holy garden. Her beauty was intoxicating and left his mind cloudy.

Melchizedek gazed into the stream at his beloved Lilith who lay just beneath the surface unable to embrace him. Her long auburn hair flowed in the current. Her emerald green eyes were hypnotic. More than food or air, He craved to kiss her subtle breasts. Alas, her image blurred under the liquid prison as a breeze moved across the garden disturbing the water. Their mind communication was tiring and he longed to speak to her with his true voice.

“Please help me, my love, I beg you?” asked Lilith.

“Anything my dear, what can I do?” The priest replied.

“Use your craft, free the sword and I will tell you.” The alluring women proffered.

The sword, Caliburn, still inserted in the bole of the tree of Knowledge of good and evil remains locked firm. Even the Angels could not budge the tenacious weapon. It was the sword provided to Adam, the original prince of the earth to protect against the enemy. After he failed to remain innocent and in his first rage, sought to kill the deceiver. Finding the tree void of the serpent’s presence, he plunged the sword into its heart before cast from his garden home.

Melchizedek stepped away from the stream and turned to the tree behind him. He looked at the sword for a long time. As if Caliburn was calling, he was compelled to have it.

I could remove it, he thought. No serpent around to entice me. Or was there? Had the enemy taken another form? Perhaps that of a succubus? Melchizedek looked back at the water and met his beloved’s gaze. Lilith was watching his every move with pure adoration.

“Do it my love, and we can be together even as a man and a woman.” She said.

Under her spell, Melchizedek obeyed. In his heart he knew, this was his forbidden fruit, this was his great temptation, and he was powerless to resist.

As if pulling it from wet mud, Melchizedek freed the sword from the tree. A charge pulsed through his body as he held the sword and pointed it upward. The blade glowed bright and Melchizedek looked away to protect his eyes.

“You did it, the sword, you freed Caliburn. You are the prince of the earth.” Lilith exclaimed.

“Nay my love,” I am not, I am the servant of the Most High and his priest. Moreover, I am in love with you. The sword is yours, it is for you to exert.”

Melchizedek walked slowly to the stream and sunk the sword in the water near Lilith. The water boiled and Lilith faded from his sight. Abruptly, the sword emerged from the water, Lilith, held it, both hands on the blade, her graceful arms now breaking the boundary of her water prison and presenting the hilt of the sword to her beloved.

“Take it my love and use it to remove two branches. One from the tree of life and the other from the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil.”

Her voice sounded different in his head. It was as if she were speaking from dry land. Melchizedek took the sword. He was hers to command. He turned back towards what he had come to know as the twin trees of the garden.

He struck two branches. One from the tree of life and the other from the forbidden tree. The limbs detached and fell to the earth landing side by side. The fruit of the limbs disappeared as did the twigs leaves and bark.

“Speak the blessing,” Lilith said in her seductive voice, “Call upon the power of the light and the darkness my love.” She continued.

Melchizedek stood over the limbs, he felt compelled, something was gripping him and he heard the words in his own voice leaving his mouth. Helpless to stop now, he recited a blessing of making.

“Robore et tenebris lumen invoca” He said with his eyes now closed and his mind fixed on the wishes of his beloved.

As he opened his eyes, the limbs blurred from clear sight and became serpents. Melchizedek stepped back from the serpents in shock. The serpents coupled and wrapped each other becoming a seven-foot ironwood staff with the carved head of a two cobras at the top.

“Yes, that’s it, that’s right, now pick it up my love” Lilith’s voice said in his head.

Melchizedek picked up the staff, confused by the magic he just witnessed. Until now, he was certain where the power, which fed him, derived from. He was always careful to acknowledge the Creator for such. The confirmation he sought in this instance was vacant.

“I am yours for the asking,” She said from beneath the depths of her water dungeon. “Command me and I will obey”

In his lust, he complied, surrendering completely and yielding to the pull of her allure. Like a child, the unknown enticed him. Casting off caution he proceeded in his reckless endeavor.

He extended the staff over the water and closed his eyes.

“Robore et tenebris lumen invoca” He said in a mild controlled tone, then again slightly louder. “Robore et tenebris lumen invoca”.

At first, just a vibration in his toes traveling as high as his knees. Again, he said the words. Now a rush filled him and he embraced the stir inside him. He repeated the chant. An incredible surge erupted from the earth through the sole of his sandals, up his legs to the top of his head, he felt the power of God in and around him, he tried again to speak but could not.

When Melchizedek opened his eyes he beheld his new staff glowing bright. The waters in front of him boiled then began to steam upward. Out of the waters appeared his beloved. From head to toe, she was exquisite. Lilith stepped onto the silk green grass of the garden floor for the first time in what she thought to be ages.

Melchizedek studied her beauty, her nude figure glistening in the warm garden sun. Men would trade kingdoms for such a body, Melchizedek thought.

Lilith took a long breath and let it out slowly, the first of many she hoped.

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