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Sympathy for the Devil

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At the request of my few but faithful fans, the following is a draft sample of the Prelude for third and final installment of The Bloodline Chronicles titled ~ "Sympathy for the Devil" The tale of the Shaddai continues and I am refreshed to be back with our friends fighting the good fight against the evil influence of the Grigori. Would love your thoughts ~ Anthony Jones Prelude Death, hell and the grave followed her like a shadow. Her sun kissed skin was flawless. Her hair like spun gold adorned her exquisite shape falling over her breasts past her hips and reaching her thighs. Her eyes were the color of a tropical sea and her gaze could capture ones very soul. A warm breeze bent the wheat in her direction and she pulled at the grain with her hands as she crossed the field beneath the clear sky. She joined Him in the shade of the sycamore tree. He was dressed simple. Stone washed levis and a white T-shirt. He reclined on a large granite stone with his boots resting on a felled branch. Next to the branch laid a large male lion. She bent to greet the beast. “Hello Judah, I do miss you.” The lion tilted his head and closed his eyes in pleasure as she dug her nails into his thick soft mane. “So what did you want to see me about?” She asked with considerable contempt in her voice. “Are you still lamenting over your expulsion Sophia? Lift your spirit, have I not provided an exceptional alternative to Sion?” The sound of wind through feathers broke the pause in conversation and she looked up at a flock of swans flying in a perfect V formation turning and descending to land on the pond. “What do you want?” She asked and turned to meet his gaze. When he smiled she had to look away. She knew his smile held the power to turn her. It was all she could do to resist him even for meetings as short as this. “I want to hear your mind regarding the humans. You said they would fail me if given a choice, yet even with a choice they remain pure.” “Hardly a choice wouldn’t you say? One fruit tree of perfection next to another fruit tree of perfection? Why should they forsake you? Have you not given them everything?” Now she looked at him for a second time. Her jaw set firm as it was once upon a time during their first argument regarding free will choice. In that day she turned a third of the angels to her cause. “Remove your protection and let me tempt them.” He stood from the stone and smiled bright. “And so, now you know why I called you to meet, Sophia.” She stood up and turned to watch the swans feeding in the nearby pond. The Lion opened his eyes confused as to why his wonderful neck massage stopped. When she turned back to him her excitement was on full display. “So you will give them a real choice, allow me a chance to turn them?” She said. “Your beauty is more than they can understand or resist. Surely they will believe you were sent by me to give permission. It is not a fair proposal.” “I will mask my beauty.” She said, with a calm and controlled voice. She stepped closer to him. “Very well, but confine yourself to the forbidden tree, do not seek them out. Let them come to you.” “I agree.” She said.


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